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FAWIN project ("Fast Transmission of Analog Information over WIreless Networks")

  • Funding Entity: Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global).
  • Beginning: May, 2015.
  • End: April, 2017.
  • Main Researcher: Luis Castedo.
  • Participating Entities: Universidad de A Coruña, Office of Naval Research.
  • Description: The design of efficient transmission schemes to reliably communicate information at high rates
    and with very low delay represents an outstanding challenge in wireless communications and multiuser
    scenarios. This topic is of great value for communication systems for Defense because the
    exchange of critical information between the surveillance/attack nodes and the coordination base
    can be vital to save human lives or overtake the enemy in the battlefield. In this context, the
    joint optimization of the encoding operations that transforms the source data into adequate channel
    symbols to be transmitted over wireless channels arises as an useful and effective alternative
    to improve the quality of the communication process. Since most of the typical information of
    interest for Defense purposes -such as parameter values, sounds, images or video- is originally
    described by analog signals, continuous Joint Source Channel Coding (JSCC) mappings can be
    considered to directly transform the analog source symbols into the associated coded symbols that
    are transmitted over a given channel.