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SDR Platform.



Low Power Board.

Based on patent "Plataforma Hardware de Alta Conectividad y Muy Bajo Consumo Energético", #P2009 31303, Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas.



SMARD (Monitoring and Remote Alert System for Dependants)



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The Vienna LTE-A Downlink Link-Level Simulator


News report about SmartSocket on Telecinco TV channel.


News report about SmartSocket on the Galician television.

Vienna MIMO testbed

Presentation video of the Vienna MIMO testbed developed by the Vienna University of Technology.

MIMO multiuser testbed

Presentation video of the MIMO multiuser testbed jointly developed by the University of A Coruña and the University of Cantabria. The video also includes an overview of the interference alignment experiments which have been carried out with that testbed.

Indoor-Outdoor Location System Demonstration

Performance exhibited in the Computer Science Faculty by the real-time location platform developed by the GTEC research group of the University of A Coruña, Spain. This video was created as a demonstration of the PIRAMIDE project belonging to the Avanza I+D program supported by the Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio of Spain. This video has been made in collaboration with the technical support of Nomasystems S.L. and the administrative support of both Treelogic S.L. and UPM.

Real Time Location System based on Zigbee

Performance exhibited in the meeting room of CITIC by the real-time location system based on Zigbee and developed by the GTEC research group of the University of A Coruña, Spain. It can be seen in the video the estimation of the location tracking for a given target (represented by green colour) and the algorithm particles (in black colour). This system utilizes four markers (Zigbee nodes) as reference and the scale is shown in meters.

Particle Filter applied to Indoor Location Systems

Evaluation of using particle filtering in the field of location. A system based on RSSI with noise and four markers (represented in blue colour) is simulated, where the target location is shown in green colour and the estimated location is given by the red colour. The algorithm particles are depicted in black and note that the coordinates are scaled in meters.